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Orestes Technologies Pvt. Ltd. successfully Started to service global customers in the field of web design & development, Mobile App development ,Web Application,Software Development,branding. We aim to meet and exceed customer satisfaction in every way possible.

We have built a team of exceptionally talented professionals for whom perfection is a habit.

We use our

skill with these

Orestes Technologies Pvt. Ltd. successfully started to service global customers in the field of web design & development.

We have built a team of exceptionally talented professionals for whom perfection is a habit.

What we
can propose you

We develops, markets, sell and support software products, websites, applications and offers turn key Technologies to customers.

Our services includes

Seo Optimization

Inner optimization
Google Adwords
Content Keyword
Affiliate advertising
Social media

Digital Branding

CMS Website Design
UI/UX Design
Web Apps & Products
Product Photography

Mobile Application

Robust mobile apps
International marketing
Dynamic services
iOS / Android

What We Do

Make your business powerful.We are committed to your success. We make to throw Your business to next level.



We deliver globally, providing result-driven project management and seamless communication. Our solutions yield benefit in Internet-facing, corporate and hybrid environments.



A positive perception for your Brand, Product, Services, Profile and Reputation. It is this perception and image of your Brand or Product, which potential clientele with a positive and clear approach.



Our Support help business migrate and improve operations on-premise through managed IT services and nationwide 24/7 IT support

Everything is
possible with us

Things were changing day to day Life and we always try to explore new Possibilities

Quick results

We save time by suggesting tools and approaches to meet our customer's needs and to ensure the results

Agile methodology

Together in an umbrella term for several iterative and incremental Project development methodologies.

Powerful team

Orestes team is critical to our ability to anticipate client and consumer needs and bring to market products and services that provide value to our customers.

How We Do

We're here to help your product blast off! From design to implementation expert work with client in innovative Development.



To find your true passion for the business you are managing is our Key to your success. Our consultant takes a special kind of responsibility,that makes company better than when we found it.



Making sense of all that static and identifying the customer's true needs and expectations is a challenging task. Because your Wants and needs are not the same thing.



Knowing what’s happening—or what’s not happening—is critical to your organization and to your business. But in addition to visibility,you also need an integrated and optimized chain.



Our business process automation makes your business more essential than ever for enabling efficiency and effectiveness and giving you a competitive advantage in hours, not weeks.



Our Business Insights that support a specific decision or provide additional understanding of clients specific situation, productivity, issue and will directly benefit the business.



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With Us
Every Business Successful

As one of the top firms for developing mobile apps, our client list and work history speak for itself. Orestes has the professionals to deliver your mobile app whether you're looking to hire mobile app developers to supplement your efforts or a complete and specialised mobile application development solution. Call us to get a quote!